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21 Jun 16


For me, being able to meet and getting to know those in our community every single day is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a real estate agent. I have the opportunity to meet some amazing people who vary in their interests and personality, and being able to listen to those sharing their stories and past experiences allows me to continue growing and become a better person and mother.

Margaret is a lovely lady who has lived in Glen Waverley for 45 years. She is turning 80 years old but when you start talking to her, it will not take long to realise that she is young at heart with beauty, elegance and full of life; and you would come to the conclusion that age is just a number. Margaret always dresses up elegantly with a light makeup of soft red lips, just like her home, she is meticulous presented all the time. I wish me and my life will be as beautiful when I am 80! I have genuinely enjoyed my friendship with Margaret, who shared her journey through life so far of being a wife, a mother and a grandmother.



Margaret's home might not have an attractive exterior that gives a stunning first impression.  However, once you step inside, you will be delighted by the warm and relaxing ambience and attracted by the splendid French Provincial decorations, immaculate furnishing, perfect neutral colours infused with natural sunlight. The dazzling conservatory room, set against a leafy vista viewed from a wall of bay windows,  is the soul of the house.  Just imagine sitting down on the comfy armchair, relaxing with a cup of tea and enjoying the view of the manicured garden every day, that is something I always dreamt of when I retire. 


I remembered the first time I walked into Margaret's home, I was mesmerised by a piece of wall art, it was a lady covered in flowers and butterflies, it had a three-dimensional effect where the butterflies and flowers did not seem on.  When I asked where Margaret bought the piece from, she said she made it herself, quite frankly I was amazed. 

Margret is an expert in making embroidery crafts, she decorated the rumpus room as her craft workshop and opens up for friends and neighbours to learn about embroidery. She makes every piece of decorations herself, such as covers for bed quilts, cushions, and she loves to collect vintage displays and furniture. I had the pleasure of attending her classes, where I was astounded by the level of attention to detail she demonstrated in creating her masterpieces, as well as the kindness, positivity and patience she showed towards those who were trying to learn the craft.

I admire Margaret's young at heart spirit and her devotion to arts & crafts, decorating and maintaining her home in such an immaculate manner. I look forward to learning more about hand-making decorations and meeting more of those in our community like Margaret!



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