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20 Jan 17

#localfirst: Meet Katherine and Michael, Our 2 Local Extra-Milers and Go-Getters Changing Lives at Pick It Up Fitness in Mulgrav

Meet Katherine and Michael, our 2 local extra-milers and go-getters who share the same passion for health and fitness. Inspired by making a change people’s lives for the better, they recently opened Pick It Up Fitness in Mulgrave to offer a combination of group fitness and personal training with 100% genuine care in a happy, friendly and welcoming environment. We got to know the best part of what they do and they even shared with us their number one fitness tip for anyone who wants to make a change.


1. We can see there is a lot of passion for health and fitness you put into Pick It Up Fitness which makes it different from any other ordinary fitness centres. Can you share with us how it all started?

We worked side by side for years out of the same gym doing what we both love, helping improve people’s wellbeing through Group Fitness classes and Personal Training.

Something that always obstructed our group fitness attendees from achieving their goals was the fact that they would only see us once or twice a week, complete a class using basic equipment and then head off until we would maybe see them again the following week. There was a massive gap that was not being filled.

Pick It Up Fitness was built around this floor in typical gyms. We combine group fitness and personal training, to create one service that completely covers our clients’ needs.


2. What do you love the most about what you do?

For the both of us there are a few really amazing things that we get to experience that nearly no one else does, and that make every early morning and late evening worth it! We are lucky enough to literally change people’s lives! From the small things like receiving a text saying thank you for helping a client get through a mental, emotional or physical block to seeing a client transform their body for their special occasion. Nothing beats that feeling!


3. What type of fitness activities do you run and who can join?

At Pick It Up Fitness we run circuit based classes. Whether it’s a lower body focused class, upper body focused class, a Bootcamp or a boxing class, all are designed to tackle multiple fitness components. We focus on building strength and lean muscle, burning through large amounts of calories, improving flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. With each and every class careful consideration is put in to make them adjustable for a variety of different fitness and experience levels. That way we feel we can cater to just about everybody!


4. What is your number one fitness tip for anyone who wants to make a change in their life?

Start. Whether you have exercised in the past, thinking about exercising for the very first time, or trying to find the motivation to get back into it, doing something is always better than doing nothing. You don’t have to run a marathon or make it to the Olympics; you just have to get moving. Stop procrastinating, commit to one small change each week and work on building improvements step by step.


As part of the Waverley City community, your first class is FREE! Plus, you are invited to take on their 28 Day Challenge! Are you ready?

On the 27th of January, they are launching their very first 28 day challenge! They are looking for motivated people who are ready to challenge their limitations and to start making a positive change in their lives. Their challenge includes unlimited access to classes, nutrition guidance, before and after photos and two INBODY composition scans all for only $99! They will give you every tool you need to kick start your fitness journey. Don't forget to mention 'WAVERLEYCITY' to claim this offer.

Sweat it out with these 2 friendly fitness specialists Katherine and Michael! They are excited to meet you! Visit their boutique factory based facility located in 13/12 Miles St, Mulgrave.


Follow Pick it Up Fitness to see what they are up to!





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