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19 Dec 18


With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, home sellers and tenants have to keep their properties safe and secure.

From Christmas lights safety, to securing your rental and for sale property before leaving on holidays to bushfire danger precaution, here are the top tips to ensure Australians enjoy a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.

Christmas Lights Safety

  • Check all lights, transformers, leads and power boards for any sign of wear and tear before decorating your property
  • Ensure all electrical equipment is marked compliant with Australian standards – avoid buying cheaper inferior products from overseas
  • Use indoor lights for indoors and weatherproof rated outdoor lights marked for outdoors – indoor lights don’t come with appropriate weatherproof ratings for outdoor use and aren’t suitable for verandas 
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions and don’t tamper with lights
  • Always turn off decorative lighting and extinguish candles before going to bed, going out as well as in stormy and rainy weather
  • Switch off and unplug lights when watering living Christmas trees
  • Don’t put Christmas lighting around or above swimming pools or have leads lying in water or wet areas
  • Test your smoke alarms to make sure they work

Home Holiday Security

  • Always double check your home is securely locked – doors and windows
  • Don’t leave cash in the house and store valuables in a safe place
  • Review home and contents insurance to ensure it is current and you are up to date on payments
  • A wilted garden is a sign that no one is home – entrust a neighbour to give your garden a good hosing ahead of, during and after hot weather
  • Christmas parcels piling up at your door indicate you aren’t home – consider re-directing mail, using a Parcel Locker or having a neighbour collect your mail
  • Turn down your telephone and make sure your voice-message gives no indication that you are away
  • Be mindful of what and when you post on social media – and always ensure your settings are restricted to private so you aren’t broadcasting your every moment to the world
  • If upon returning from your holiday you are the victim of a break-in, vacate your property, call the local police, don’t touch anything and get in touch with your insurance company or real estate

Bushfire Safety Precaution

  • Download the ‘Disaster Watch’ app and any available local fire service apps
  • Home sellers and landlords should clear leaves from gutters, downpipes and roofs
  • Check garden hoses are long enough to reach perimeter fences
  • Be aware of fire ratings and fire bans in your local area and any holiday destinations
  • Cut back overhanging trees, mow grass and rake up leaves
  • Check with your local fire brigade for any fact-sheets or checklists
  • Include your pets in your bushfire plan
  • Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house


At First National Real Estate Waverley City, we want all our sellers, landlords and tenants to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.  Christmas lights and candles are a great way to signal the holiday season but they come with risks so home sellers and tenants need to make sure they follow a few simple tips so accidental damage to their property doesn’t occur – likewise with getting away for a break, let’s not get caught up in the excitement of a holiday that we become complacent and leave windows open ready for a burglar.  We are coming into fire danger season and we can do our bit to make sure the risk to our property is reduced, clean away leaves and gutters – a five-minute job that can make the world of difference to fire-proofing your property

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