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4 Apr 19


Do you ever wonder why the hot cross buns in supermarkets are more affordable compared to those in bakery or café? An entire pack of six or nine costing about the same as a single one from an artisan bakery shop or cafe.  Every Easter, the giant supermarket chain stores are busy at inventing new flavours hot cross buns ahead of Easter to eliminate their competitors. With the modern variations combined with the traditional and of course, gluten-free and vegan options. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastebuds.


Bakers Delight & CADBURY DAIRY MILK® – The Perfect Easter ‘RelationCHIP’

RRP $1.50 each or $7.50 for a pack of six.

Photo sourced from Baker's Delight's website.

Bakers Delight is a notch above the supermarkets when it comes to hot cross buns and sourdough bread roll. On top of their popular traditional, chocolate, apple and cinnamon and mocha hot cross buns selling throughout Easter, Bakers Delight partner with Cadbury to create the irresistible Hot Cross Bun exclusively made with CADBURY DAIRY MILK® Chocolate Chips. Packed with over 100 CADBURY DAIRY MILK® Chocolate Chips, every Hot Cross Bun is baked fresh every day at 3am by real bakers to deliver a delightful taste experience. The chain also features CADBURY DAIRY MILK® in a delicious new Mud Scone made with CADBURY DAIRY MILK® Chocolate Chips.


Bakers Delight Glen Waverley
2/235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley


Woolworths Banana and Caramel Hot Cross Buns

Woolworths released the spicy Easter buns nationwide in January this year followed by hot cross bun ice cream and hot cross bun-flavoured M&Ms partner with Mars.

While Easter is approaching, they have invented two limited-edition hot cross bun varieties to deliver another level of deliciousness to Easter inspired snacking - banana and caramel hot cross buns and a white chocolate & raspberry version to ensure the perfect combination of dessert-like sweetness to complement the classic fruit inclusions. The new buns join the half-dozen other varieties stocked by Woolies, including traditional fruit, fruitless, Cadbury choc chip and the indulgent brioche variety. Both varieties come in a pack of four for just $3.50.

Discover countless ways to enjoy their receipe collection of hot cross buns.  

Woolworths Glen Waverley

235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley


Shingle Inn baking traditional Easter favourites for over 80 years.

Photo sourced from Shingle Inn's website.


With over 80 years of history, Shingle Inn continue to bake traditional and innovative products with handcrafted premium ingredients.

Their traditional hot cross bun filled with fruit, spices and marked with the cross, with an option of the mini sweet loaf, the hot cross bar deliver an extra light and fluffy texture for gluten free lovers.

Or for a twist on tradition, their bakery has crafted a choc chip hot cross bun made using a buttery, delicate brioche bun.  Each of their Easter Favourites is available with coffee, from $7.90.

Shingle Inn Glen Waverley
Shop 1/30/235 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley


ALDI join force to the invention of hot cross bun flavours

Aldi launched five new buns flavours in March. They are Blueberry, Very Berry, Salted Caramel and Belgian Chocolate buns, as well as the spice-infused Village Bakery Apple and Cinnamon hot cross buns top with poached rhubarb, cream and crushed pistachios cross bar.

The classic luxury fruited hot cross buns alongside the popular brioche version are back this year with the enhancement of butter and vanilla flavours to make them even tastier. Aldi recommneded to cut it into half, place your fave ice cream in the middle, drizzle with caramel ice cream topping and pop the top back on. They call it a chocolate chip brioche hot cross bun ice cream sandwich. $2.99 for a pack of four.

ALDI Glen Waverley

235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

ALDI Brandon Park
Springvale & Ferntree Gully, Brandon Park


Coles’ Stikeez collectable campaign boasted hot cross bun sales

This year, Coles is offering a similar product to its competitor Woolworths with a matching price, though their recently finished Stikeez collectable campaign undoubtedly helped the hot cross buns sales as a pack of hot cross bun purchases eligible to an additional squishy toy redemption. 

In terms of flavours, the galzed top dress up the slightly squishy buns with lower fruit content than some others, while the chocolate lover will fall in love with the fresh choc chips chunks which gave a nice hit of sweetness and spice. $6 for 2 packs of six.


Coles Glen Waverley

235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley

Coles Brandon Park
Springvale & Ferntree Gully, Brandon Park



Ferguson Plarre freshly baked hot cross buns

4 exciting flavours hot cross buns immerse Ferguson Plarre in Glen Waverley during Easter. They are traditional, white chocolate & raspberry, apple & cinnamon, and choc chops. Baked fresh daily, the raspberry flavour packed with white chocolate and tangy raspberry pieces topped with a raspberry icing cross. The traditional buns contain 58% fruit than flour while the choc chips buns packed full of choc chips. $8.5 for a pack of six.


Ferguson Plarre Glen Waverley
235 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150


Kingsway Muddings’s hand crafted hot cross buns

Muddings along Kingsway Glen Waverley is an authentic artistry bakery and cake shop. This hidden-gem bakery shop is well-known within the community and popular amongst seniors, which offers delicious birthday cakes, breads, pies, tarts, and desserts. You won’t be disappointed with their handcrafted hot cross buns made with natural yeast and crumb-like texture that dissolves in your mouth after a few chews. $7.90 for a pack of six.

Muddings Glen Waverley

107 Kingsway, Glen Waverley


Make your own

If you are looking for more innovative hot cross buns, try this marvellous Hot Cross Bun Alaska recipe, ingredients available at IGA.

Photo sourced from IGA website.

Ritchies SUPA IGA Mount Waverley
283 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley

It is not a secret that those hot cross buns from supermarket chain stores were pre-made and frozen while some of the giant supermarkets with baking facilities can produce freshly baked buns.  If you want to intimate your tastebud with the frozen buns, toast the buns or brown them under the grill to bring out the spices, the sweetness of fruits and melted chocolates.  Often, the local bakeries/artisan shops offer freshly baked hot cross buns with natural ingredients, surreptitious yeast and long hours process worth for the higher price tag to satisfy your tastebuds.


All photos photographed by First National Waverley City's marketing team excepted captioned.

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