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6 May 19


Did you know the Department of Education and Training Victoria has launched a new website to help with the search of local government schools?


Confusion over school zones will now be solved as all Victorian state schools are obliged to use the official and most current school zone map website Victoria’s population is growing faster than anywhere else in Australia. This initiative is to prepare for this growth by building new schools and reviewing the capacity of the existing schools. The government making sure there’s enough guaranteed places for children at their designated neighbourhood school. When a new school is built, the zones for the neighbouring schools are adjusted to ensure all parents know which school is their closest school. 



Here in the City of Monash, school zone properties are high in demand for local and foreign home buyers who wish to enrol their children in our area's top schools. School zone location can drive up the competition between buyers and often, this could also mean a big price difference between buying a top school zone property vs neighbouring property. It is very important to check as some school zones have changed for 2020. 





If you are curious to find out how these changes in the school zones affect the value of your property or if you are looking to buy a property in the school zone, please contact us on 03 9560 3988.



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