Kathlien Perez

Executive Assistant to Jessica Chea

About Kathlien

Kathlien’s primary role is to support the sales team in launching successful marketing campaigns for all residential properties. Demonstrating organisational skills, she liaises with the vendors and suppliers to arrange pre-campaign appointments and monitors the progress from start to finish to provide the agents and vendors real-time feedback about the sale of the property for evaluation.

With a Bachelor of Marketing and Management from Monash University, Kathlien enjoys being creative and seeing the rewarding results from the strategies she introduces to the business.

Most recently, Kathlien recognised the need to adapt new technology to improve the internal processes and inefficiencies on how we communicated and built relationships with the customers. Not long after she joined the team, Kathlien initiated an enormous project involving a simultaneous transition into a cloud-based customer relationship management system and brand new mobile-device responsive website. By collaborating with all team members, they designed together a new work-flow and ran organisation-wide trainings to embrace new technological advancements which has drastically improved the overall customer/user experience.

Away from the office, Kathlien enjoys getting hands-on in her ‘side-hustle’/jobby (job+hobby, she jokes) as well as spending time with her friends and family over a leisurely meal out. She loves to keep busy by running, reading books, meditating, travelling and exploring new places with good food.

What People Are Saying About Kathlien Perez

Our experience was a very quick purchase of our new home through Kathlien and her colleague Chris. During this high pressure few days we feel Kathlien always acted professionally in the best interest for both the vendors and the purchasers maintaining high level of communication which resulted in a very efficient & quick sale.

We would be happy to recommend Kathlien to anyone considering buying/selling their home. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable. The most unique quality that Kat possesses and sets her apart from other agents, is her honesty. Her colleague Chris had also been a very great person to deal with and highly recommend them as a team.

Nitesh S.

She understood the market very well.

Adam Y.

We were approached by Kathlien enquiring about our possible interest in selling our house. It was an appropriate time for us to consider that and she had a very pleasant and courteous manner.

She returned the next day with Jessica and they gave freely of their time to give us an assessment and explain their marketing strategy.

Throughout the process they kept us fully informed in a personal way. We found them to be very professional and attentive to our questions and needs.

We have been very confident in their ability to provide us with a successful outcome.

We can thoroughly recommend them to you.

John & Margaret A.

We would like to say thank you to Kathlien; her work was very good. She's got good communication skills, knows how to talk to people, has a good personality and heart. Without her we wouldn’t have made this progress and I would definitely recommend her to anyone for selling the house.

Thank you Kathlien. All the best for you and much appreciate you helping.

Makram K.

Jessica and Kathlien are extremely professional. They were polite and candid when assisting us to purchase our new home.

Many thanks to the team for a great experience, highly recommended.

James F.

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